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My Hospitality Life (also known as ‘Inspiring Hospitality Careers’) is an Edge Hotel School initiative, supported by The Edge Foundation. The project aims to raise the profile of the hospitality industry as a career of choice for young people by engaging students in a range of interactive scenario sessions to illustrate the positive, yet challenging, nature of hospitality work.


My Hospitality Life aims to provide careers advice directly to students and their influencers, and to work with schools, career advisors and others organisations working with young people to deliver unique and thought-provoking class materials to inspire young people about careers in hospitality. 

Please note: The Inspiring Hospitality Careers Project as of 31 October 2020 completed operations.


The Edge Hotel School at the University of Essex provides industry-led hospitality, hotel and events management degrees with hands-on experience in a real 4* hotel on the campus.

We work closely with the hospitality industry to produce future leaders so feel a responsibility to raise awareness of our brilliant industry and provide young people with the information that they need to make decisions about their future. Despite being the UK’s fourth largest industry and employing almost 4.5m people, research has found that just 22% of 16-21 year-olds in the UK would consider hospitality as a career. Meanwhile, almost one in three (26%) admit they don’t see hospitality as an industry to work in after obtaining a degree. This is something we want to change, and so created My Hospitality Life with the Edge Foundation to encourage more young people to think about hospitality as a career of choice.

Find out more about the Edge Hotel School here:

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